An exploration of sleep and insomnia, with a single destination in mind:
a good night's sleep.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome to Quest for Sleep

Good morning. Or good evening or afternoon, depending on when you're waking up and stumbling across this website.

It's especially difficult to write the first entry for a blog because that first entry sets the tone and direction for the blog. So I'll be brief with my first post and just tell you a little about Quest for Sleep and myself.

Quest for Sleep is an exploration of sleep and insomnia, with a single destination in mind: a good night's sleep. Just as with travel, there are multiple paths you can take that lead you to a good night's sleep. And also as with travel, the path to sleep that's right for somebody else might not be best for you. Some people like to travel by plane, some by train, still others by car, bus or boat. Holding on to the travel analogy just a little longer, some travelers use commercial aviation; others become pilots themselves, using their own plane to get to where their want to go. And just a moment more for the travel metaphor: The method you once enjoyed may not suit you the next time or may have changed. Air travel, for example, is becoming a less pleasant way to get from here to there. Long distance buses, on the other hand, are being retrofitted with comfy seats and wifi.

Some years ago I wrote a book called Outwitting Squirrels, and then other books with "Outwitting" in the title, including Outwitting Toddlers, Outwitting Clutter and Outwitting the Neighbors. The philosophy behind my outwitting books is that there isn't a single solution that works for everyone, and there often isn't a single solution that works for the rest of time. To solve a problem that afflicts us, we need to think of that problem as an exploration with a goal in mind.

I want to hear your sleep stories, too. Please feel free to email me at sleep at fastmail dot net about what's worked for you or what hasn't worked. Let me know how lack of sleep affects you, or how you feel after a good night's sleep. Does light bother you? Sound? Does worry about work or money keep you up at night? Can you only sleep in a narrow temperature range? Do you have to read or watch TV in order to fall asleep? Do you fall asleep quickly but wake easily, or vice versa? You're welcome to comment here, too.

I was having lunch with a writer friend of mine last week who related this story about sleep. He rented a house by the beach for a weekend. One of the people who came along brought her sleep sound machine, a machine that played ocean waves. She had to keep the windows closed to block out the real ocean sound, and turned on her sound machine instead. Everyone has their own path to sleep.

I hope I haven't bored you with this first blog entry.  Or maybe I hope I have because then you'll be able to fall asleep.

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