An exploration of sleep and insomnia, with a single destination in mind:
a good night's sleep.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Fear of Alarm Failure

Many worries can keep us up at night: Money, work, terrorism, "did I park in a legal space?," "is the baby okay?" to name just a few. Stressing about whether or not the alarm clock will sound in the morning is another.

Alarm clock worries come in several flavors: Did I set the time properly? Will the battery run out tonight? Did I engage the alarm-on setting? Did I set PM by mistake? 

Once any of these thoughts enters your head, you can kiss a good night's sleep goodbye. The more important the day, the more likely you are to worry about missing your appointment due to alarm failure. 

The solution is easy: Two alarm clocks. Chances are that you already have a second alarm clock that you can set: A watch, a smartphone, the alarm on your microwave (if it's close enough to your bedroom). You can use an online alarm such as Kuku Clok or Meta Clock.  Alternatively, there are free wake-up calling services such as Wakerupper.

If your mind has ever drifted to worrying about missing your alarm, get into the habit of setting two alarm clocks and scratch that worry off your list. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Most Relaxing Song on the Planet

Can music lull you to sleep? Can music help turn off your mind and make your eyes feel heavy, and let your on-off switch turn to off? Well, all I can say is that if music hasn't been your companion in bed before, it will be when you listen to Weightless by Marconi Union. You can take a listen here.

Hypnotic, melodic, soporifically sensual, Weightless should come with a warning label: Do Not Listen to This Song While Driving. For eight minutes and ten seconds you'll feel like you're in a trance and you certainly won't be able to focus on that Excel spreadsheet you were worried about. So you might as well drift off to sleep: You'll be out for the night before Weightless is over.

And after you wake up from the most restful sleep you've had in ages, you can download the song to keep, simply by hopping over to this Facebook page and clicking the Like button.